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Autumn News 2015

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  • Full copy of this introduction can be found in our Autumn Newsletter 2015 in the sidabar.

    The Autumn term is constantly busy, settling in new pupils and our other children getting to know their new class teacher.   We are pleased to welcome Miss Emma Robinson and Mrs Jane Haddon—two new teachers in Key Stage 1.  Both did their final training at the school and we would like to congratulate them on becoming teachers.  We would also like to welcome Mrs Georgina Wise who has taken up the position of School Business Manager as Mrs Buttell is taking a phased retirement.

    As always in school we are busy planning ahead so please find dates for your diaries including homework days, PE days, school holidays, class assembly dates and training days that we hope you will find useful.

    As you are aware all infant children are now entitled to a free school meal following on from the Government initiative.  As a school we would like to remind any parent/carers , who may be on benefits, to still apply through Northamptonshire County Council for free school meals.  This generates income for the school (called Pupil Premium) that can be passed on to parents.   Please see the article in the newsletter on page 4 with further details on how to claim/eligibility etc.

    Just to highlight we are continuing with our safeguarding password system. This is for anyone who you have asked to collect your child from school, who is new to us and does not normally collect your child/children.  When you telephone us we will ask you to supply a password that you will need to pass to the person collecting your child and we will inform your child’s class teacher.

    You will probably have noticed that we now have electronic gates at the front of the car park. They are fitted with sensors so will not injure anyone if they happen to walk through as they are closing.

    Finally, I would like to wish all our children a very happy start to the new academic year.

    Sally Hamson